Blitz – Digital Painting – Abstract Art

Digital painting available in various media and formats.


Limited edition – 100 prints per medium/format

Signed by the artist

Sold with certificate of authenticity

Digital paint
Alu-Dibond glossy, Alu-Dibond mat
45x30cm, 60x40cm, 90x60cm

History of canvas

“Blitz” is a digital painting that follows on from the Belgian artist’s previous work,“Blizzard“. Created in a similar spirit, this abstract creation explores the recurring theme of lucid dreaming, which fascinates the artist. Her goal is to depict her unique vision of two realities harmoniously colliding on canvas, thus creating a delicate boundary between dream and reality. “Blitz” is dominated by a palette of blue hues, evoking a dreamlike and enchanting universe. In the background, strange and enigmatic shapes emerge, adding a dimension of mystery and fascination to the overall artwork. A mystical mist of mysterious red hovers over this scene, creating striking and captivating contrasts. Through this artistic creation, the artist aims to capture the unique sensations and emotions associated with lucid dreams. The abstract shapes and colors invite the viewer to plunge into a world where reality and imagination merge, creating an intriguing and immersive visual experience. The subtle transitions between the different realities represented in “Blitz” add extra depth and intensity to the work. The blue, symbolizing immensity and tranquility, blends harmoniously with the red mist, adding a touch of tension and mysticism to the overall composition. “Blitz” represents a bold artistic exploration, inviting viewers to question their perception of reality and imagination. This digital painting offers a captivating journey into the world of abstract art and daydreams, where boundaries blur and the imagination runs free, creating a unique visual and emotional experience.
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Alu-Dibond art print

We use original 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond® sheets specially designed for digital printing. These plates feature an aluminum-coated black polyethylene core with a white aluminum layer. The black edges of these plates add a remarkable aesthetic to our fine art prints on Alu-Dibond.

Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant
Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant

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