A Belgian artist in love with paradoxes

I’m Laetitia Nemery, a young Belgian artist, and my main sources of inspiration come from paradoxes. My love of art, particularly contemporary art, has always been deeply rooted in me. However, until I was 28, I claimed that I couldn’t paint or draw.

Laetitia Nemery - Artiste peintre belge peintre contemporain art abstrait Bruxelles

A family of Belgian artists

Within my family, the artistic fibre is undeniably present. When he was young, my father excelled at drawing and watercolours. My godmother has been making metal engravings for many years, while my aunt creates oil paintings and exhibits in Australia. The list of family talents goes on and on. Despite this creative heritage, I never really found my calling. I’ve always been attracted by the interplay of colours and materials, but that’s where it stopped for me.

From passion for make-up to artistic revelation

Ever since I was a child, my growing passion for make-up has been developing. In 2014, I took my first step into the artistic world by joining the Make Up Forever Academy. Thanks to this experience, I was able to develop and perfect my skills in the art of make-up. However, concrete artistic opportunities were rather rare, so I decided to follow a more traditional path, embarking on a career in cosmetics sales.

It wasn’t until 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic that I discovered my true artistic vocation. Indeed, growing boredom during confinement prompted me to explore new activities. I started with simple colouring, then experimented with different media. My artistic impulse also inspired my father to pick up his paintbrushes again. It was he who started working with acrylics and encouraged me to take up abstract painting.

The discovery of abstract painting

It was love at first sight. I’ve always had a passion for contemporary painting, and I was immediately captivated by the interplay of colours and textures I could achieve with abstract painting. The feeling of freedom that this art form gives me is a revelation. Creating beauty while following my instincts, simply letting myself be carried away by my artistic impulses and being intoxicated by them, is an incredible experience.

When I paint, I'm elsewhere, almost in a trance, to the point of having a hangover when I'm done.

Works full of paradoxes

When you look at my paintings, you see a lot of opposites and paradoxes, in terms of colours, textures and themes. It’s an artistic exploration that allows me to play with contrasts and give life to works that are rich in diversity and emotion.

My paintings represent a part of me, and being a walking paradox, it's not surprising that you can feel it in my paintings.

A fine line between dream and reality

I’ve always been a great dreamer, bursting with imagination. I spend a lot of time letting my mind wander and imagining a multitude of scenarios. Daydreaming is a subject I rarely talk about with others, yet it occupies a predominant place in my life, sometimes a little too much so. Through my paintings, I try to capture that sometimes nebulous feeling between two colliding realities.

From painting on canvas to digital painting

I want to become a versatile artist and enjoy experimenting with new media and techniques. As a passionate user of the painting knife to create my canvases, I also explore new tools to create abstract paintings. My aim is to create digital abstract works that come as close as possible to realism.

Artiste peintre belge en création - Laetitia Nemery - art abstrait digital

Contrary to what many people think, making abstract art on a computer isn't easy. Instinct is lost because every movement is actually calculated, and what appears to be the result of chance is not at all.