What is digital painting?

Digital paintings are works of art created using digital tools and techniques. Instead of using traditional methods such as oil paint or watercolor, artists create these paintings using a computer, graphics tablet or even a smartphone. It’s a bit like painting, but with electronic tools instead of brushes and canvas.

Artiste peintre belge en création - Laetitia Nemery - art abstrait digital

Why did you turn to digital painting?

I embarked on a year-long backpacking trip, an exciting adventure but with one major challenge: the impossibility of carrying my traditional painting equipment. Desperately seeking a way to continue expressing myself artistically while remaining mobile, I found the ideal solution in adopting digital painting. My iPad became my tool of choice, giving me the freedom to create wherever my travels took me, while preserving the quality and depth of my art.

Artiste peintre belge entrain de peindre sur un Ipad, art abstrait en peinture numérique

How does digital printing work?

With digital printing, you can personalize your painting! From the choice of print media to the format, it’s all in your hands!

Tailor-made works of art for your home!

Choose your picture
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Choose your support
Rougher and matte or more sophisticated and shiny? Choose between a matte Alu-Dibond print or a glossy Alu-Dibond print.
Choose your format
Personalize your painting to your own taste! Small format for the office or large format for the living room? It's up to you!
Get your very own customized painting!
Hang up your picture and admire your new interior!

Alu-Dibond art print

We use original 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond® panels specifically designed for digital printing. These panels consist of a black polyethylene core covered with aluminum, featuring a layer of white aluminum. The black edges of these plates add a remarkable aesthetic to our fine art prints on Alu-Dibond.

Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant

Can't find the format you want?

Need a larger format than those offered on the site? Of course, it’s possible!

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