Cime – Digital painting – Abstract art

Digital painting available in various media and formats.


Limited edition – 100 prints per medium/format

Signed by the artist

Sold with certificate of authenticity

Digital paint
Alu-Dibond glossy, Alu-Dibond mat
45x30cm, 60x40cm, 90x60cm

History of canvas

“Cime” is a digital painting inspired by a trip to Asia. The artist was captivated during a visit to a temple in Malaysia. Nestled atop a mountain in a cave. Then, looking up, the artist saw huge rocks covered in vegetation. Feeling the grandeur and immensity of this environment, she wanted to convey this feeling on her canvas. The work borders on the abstract, evoking an almost mystical atmosphere. An abstract cavern, in shades of blue, is depicted from a low-angle point of view. It offers a view of a mystical sky in pale yellow and light golden hues. Red flowers cascade over the rocks, creating magnificent contrasts. This painting invites viewers to plunge into an abstract world. A place where nature and spirituality blend harmoniously. The combination of blue tones adds depth and an enigmatic atmosphere. While touches of yellow and red add warmth and vitality. “Cime” captures the spirit of the artist’s journey to Asia, preserving the essence of the natural beauty and transcendence she felt in this special place. This work offers an immersive visual experience, inviting everyone to lose themselves in the mysteries and poetry of this abstract cavern.
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Alu-Dibond art print

We use original 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond® sheets specially designed for digital printing. These plates feature an aluminum-coated black polyethylene core with a white aluminum layer. The black edges of these plates add a remarkable aesthetic to our fine art prints on Alu-Dibond.

Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant
Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant

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