Minimalist – Digital painting – Abstract art

Digital painting available in various media and formats.


Limited edition – 100 prints per medium/format

Signed by the artist

Sold with certificate of authenticity

Digital paint
Alu-Dibond glossy, Alu-Dibond mat

History of canvas

“Minimalist” is an abstract digital painting distinguished by its simplicity and search for the essential. The artist chose to simplify the forms, creating a pure, enigmatic composition. The mood of this work is one of mystery, with a vaporous mist enveloping the canvas. In the midst of this enigmatic atmosphere. A bolt of brown lightning rips through the paint, creating a visual break with meaning and character. This simple, yet minimalist, tear-up raises many questions. Is it lightning that brings the artist back to reality, shattering the strange haze that surrounds him? Or is it the fog dissipating, revealing a tumultuous and complex reality? “Minimalist” is part of the artist’s series of waking dream works. This painting explores the fine line between two colliding realities. Where the distinction between right and wrong becomes blurred and uncertain. In this quest for minimalism, the artist invites the viewer to introspective contemplation. The simplified forms and enigmatic atmosphere allow everyone to project their own thoughts and emotions onto the canvas. Creating a unique and personal experience. Finally, “Minimalist” reminds us that beauty can be found in simplicity, and that the essence of a work can lie in its subtle details. Explore this abstract digital painting and let yourself be carried away on a journey where dreams and reality merge in singular harmony.
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Alu-Dibond art print

We use original 3 mm thick Alu-Dibond® sheets specially designed for digital printing. These plates feature an aluminum-coated black polyethylene core with a white aluminum layer. The black edges of these plates add a remarkable aesthetic to our fine art prints on Alu-Dibond.

Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant
Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond mat Impression d'art - peinture numérique sur Aluminium Dibond brillant

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