Digital Painting: Tips, Tools and a Touch of Procreate

Hello artist friends! Welcome to my colourful world of digital painting, where every pixel is an emotion and every brushstroke an adventure. I’d like to share with you my journey through the fundamentals of digital painting, with a nod to my love of Procreate.

From Photoshop to Procreate: More than a Question of Practicality

My early days of digital painting were like a dance with Photoshop, a reliable partner who introduced me to the mysteries of layers and digital brushes. Then, one day, Procreate arrived on the scene, not only for practical reasons, but also for a rendezvous with my artistic heart.

Procreate offers a much more intuitive interface, making the experience much more enjoyable, especially for novices. Let’s be honest, it takes a little time to master Photoshop properly. And beyond that, let’s be clear: even if the iPad may seem expensive, if you want to paint somewhere other than your home or office, it’s by far the best choice!

Procreate and Photoshop: A Fusional Duo

Of course, Procreate has conquered my heart, but Photoshop remains the old friend I can always count on. Some specific Photoshop tools add the finishing touch I’m looking for. Together they form a winning duo, a bit like salt and pepper in a recipe.

Artiste peintre belge entrain de peindre sur un Ipad, art abstrait en peinture numérique

Tips for Virtuoso Apprentices: The Proper Use of Pixels

If you’re new to the digital world, here are a few tips to guide you on your own artistic journey:

  1. Pamper the basics: Before you get into anything super complicated, make sure you’ve got the basics right. It’s like learning to ride a bike before you try any acrobatics.
  2. Practice as if your brush depended on it: Constant practice is the key. It’s by doing and doing again that you’ll perfect your art.
  3. Have fun with your tools: explore brushes, filters and everything else your software has to offer. It’s like a treasure chest – each tool has its own magic.
  4. Failure is Life: We all have moments when things don’t work out the way we want. Don’t be hard on yourself. Failure is not an end, it’s just a chapter that prepares you for what’s to come.
  5. Find your style, like a boss: Don’t copy, create. Try out different styles and find the one that strikes a chord with your artistic soul.

E-Learning: My GPS in the Digital Jungle

At first, I armed myself with a virtual GPS in this digital jungle: online training. Imagine being surrounded by passionate guides who show you all the shortcuts to mastering this world. This course was my compass, showing me the way to understanding and mastering the subtleties of digital painting.

Today, I’m still loyal to this training, and I’ve found my artistic community at They are like the family that gives you artistic advice instead of cooking recipes. In a future article, I’ll share more about how this online school has transformed my approach to art. Stay tuned for a detailed dive into the exciting world of online digital painting training.

(Ps: I am in no way sponsored by this online school. I honestly started and learned a lot from them).