Chimères 4 – Painting on canvas – Abstract art

Painting on canvas – acrylic & collage – 40×40 cm


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collage, Acrylic
Linen canvas
40×40 cm

History of canvas

Ever since I was a child, like many artists, I have frequently immersed myself in a world of daydreams. Sometimes excessively so. Whether it’s through night-time dreams, daydreams, or the tumultuous thoughts that keep racing through my mind. It can be difficult to stay fully anchored in the present moment.

During my travels, I was struck by this propensity to daydream. I’ve found myself in places I have little memory of, my mind wandering between a multitude of scenarios, thoughts and incessant ideas.

It is precisely this phenomenon that I explore in my collection entitled “Chimeres”. In it, I try to represent these tangles of ideas, thoughts and dreams that spill over into reality, creating a fantastical universe. Thoughts intermingle, giving rise to a thousand other ideas.

To illustrate this complexity, I use natural moss. Which symbolises the neuronal connections that form in our brains.

Within a dense, complex mesh, bright colours symbolise nerve impulses. The tiny electrical signals that ensure communication between each neuron. All this information and ideas flow and take their place throughout the composition. Creating a fusion between the dream world and tangible reality.

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