Paradoxes and Oppositions in Art

The artist, Laetitia, is fascinated by paradoxes and oppositions. Whether through themes, feelings, or the interplay of colors and materials. She finds deep inspiration in these contrasts. Her own personality is also marked by paradoxes, being both highly rational and highly intuitive, both impulsive and reflective, very positive but also highly anxious. Her artistic works are a reflection of this complex reality that inhabits her.

Expressing Emotions through the Artist's Works

Each of Laetitia’s artistic creations represents a part of herself, even if it is often unintentional. Abstract art is a means for her to completely free herself and allow her emotions to fully express themselves. Thus, it is often the emotions that shine through the most in her work, creating compositions filled with emotional intensity.

pinceaux couleurs art abstrait - peintre belge
paysage irréel - art abstrait - art contemporain - peintre belge

Waking Dreams: Exploring the Boundaries of Reality

Among the oppositional themes she explores, daydreams occupy a significant place in Laetitia’s creations. These moments when the boundary between two realities becomes blurred are a major source of inspiration for her. Through her work, she seeks to illustrate those moments when the boundary between the imaginary and the real becomes blurred. Capturing the magic and enigma of these fleeting moments. If you’d like to find out more about this topic, we invite you to read our dedicated article.

Self-Questioning: An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration

Laetitia’s contemplations often revolve around the concept of self. She acknowledges that nobody is entirely black or white, that we all have our shades of darkness and doubt. Everyone grapples with difficulties in managing and sometimes accepting certain emotions. However, Laetitia firmly believes in the human capacity to overcome these challenges and express positive emotions such as hope, passion, and love. Thus, the workings of the self and psychology become boundless sources of artistic inspiration for her.

Self-Discovery Through Her Paintings

As Laetitia creates her paintings, she discovers herself. Each canvas becomes a window into her inner self, allowing her to learn more about herself. Her artistic works thus become a means of personal exploration and growth. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery, where each brushstroke unveils a new facet of her identity and contributes to her personal development.

In essence, through her art, she explores paradoxes and oppositions, expresses her emotions, delves into the realm of lucid dreams, questions the self, and discovers herself all at once. Her artistic journey is an ongoing voyage towards self-understanding, an exciting quest where painting serves as both a means of expression and a path to inner exploration.

dessin fusain - art abstrait