The waking dream

Since childhood, Laetitia has always been a dreamer, often losing herself in imaginary worlds. Her mind navigates between two realities, creating a fascinating world where the limits of imagination and perception intertwine. In her unique collection presented in our online art gallery. The artist invites us into a profound exploration of daydreaming, challenging our perception of reality. Her works take us on an introspective journey through the intricacies of daydreaming, exploring how these two realities can collide, merge and sometimes disrupt each other. Laetitia offers us a unique insight into her personal experience of daydreaming, raising questions about the nature of perception and reality.

The contours of daydreaming

Daydreaming is a phenomenon with which many of us can identify. It’s when our minds escape, when we imagine extraordinary scenarios that transcend the limits of reality. However, this can become problematic when it becomes too frequent, absorbing our presence and distancing us from the tangible reality around us.

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An inner journey into imaginary worlds

During her teenage years, Laetitia sometimes locked herself away in her dreams. She would take refuge in her bedroom, music blaring in her ears, escaping into other worlds. TV series or books became obstacles, as she literally lost herself in the stories, obsessively. She could even refuse to see her friends, preferring to lose herself in her inner dreams.

The duality of realities

Over the years, Laetitia has learned to manage her tendency to daydream. Although she continues to daydream, she is less locked into these thoughts. However, she admits that she sometimes finds it hard to stay anchored in the present moment. Walking down the street, passing people, her mind is elsewhere, imagining conversations in a bar, for example. A duality sets in, where the two realities collide and interfere with each other.

A pictorial representation of both realities

Laetitia explains that this confrontation between the two realities is a source of inspiration for her art. Her paintings capture this fusion, this mutual intrusion of dreams and reality. The artist plays with the boundaries between the real and the fake, creating an atmosphere where the distinction between the two becomes blurred. The vibrant colors, tangled shapes and striking contrasts in his paintings reflect the ambiguity of duality.

paysage reve - art abstrait - art contemporain - peintre belge

The limits of daydreaming and the quest for a connection to reality

The downside of daydreaming is the difficulty of really connecting with reality. Laetitia admits to having visited some magnificent places that she no longer remembers, because she was too absorbed in her dreams. She questions the importance of focusing on the present rather than letting her mind wander to an imaginary future.

In conclusion

With her artistic exploration of the two realities, Laetitia Nemery plunges us into a world of ambiguity and introspection. His collection in the online art gallery offers a captivating experience, where viewers are invited to challenge their perceptions and embrace the complex beauty of daydreams.

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