The beginning of Chimeras

The launch of this series marks an attempt to represent the complex tangle of ideas, thoughts and dreams that spill over into the fabric of reality, forming a fantastic universe. It is an intimate dance between the tangible and the imaginary, where thoughts intermingle, giving rise to a multitude of other ideas.

At the heart of this dense, complex mesh, bright colours come to life to symbolise nerve impulses. These tiny electrical signals ensure communication between each neuron. This information and ideas flow and merge harmoniously throughout the composition. Creating a picture in which the dream world and tangible reality are inseparably intertwined.

Where do Chimeras come from?

Peinture sur toile Chimères, peinture colorée néon fluo. Tableau art abstrait acrylique et collage

The origins of Chimères lie in my childhood, which was marked by a marked propensity for daydreaming, a characteristic shared by many artists. This inclination, which I already mentioned in my article on the day dreaming, has sometimes been a double-edged sword, offering a captivating escape into imaginary worlds on the one hand, but sometimes leading me to isolate myself from the present on the other.

During my last major trip, a striking observation came to light: my incessant thoughts, ideas and dreams sometimes absorbed me so much that I came to forget moments of the present moment. Some of the places and monuments I’ve visited are just blurred silhouettes in my memory, seen without really being seen. A constant blur persists between dream and reality, a delicate balance that permeates the genesis of each canvas in the Chimère collection.

Tree thinking

In this artistic exploration, the representation of thought is at the heart of my concerns. I try to depict the way in which information circulates within the brain, how each idea generates another in an uninterrupted tree structure. The bright colours symbolise the brain’s nerve impulses, spilling out across the canvas. The result is a fusion where the boundary between reality and dream becomes elusive, inviting us to deliberately lose ourselves in this ambiguity.

Techniques used

Décoration intérieure Peinture sur toile Chimères, peinture colorée néon fluo. Tableau art abstrait acrylique et collage

The techniques used in these creations are as crucial as the inspiration that guides them. Using acrylics and a collage technique, these paintings incorporate natural moss to represent the neural aspects. The moss, with its organic texture, allows me to evoke a dense, complex mesh, visually expressing the sensation of tree-like thinking, where each element subtly connects.

Each detail in the background of the canvas is meticulously worked over several layers, creating a depth that reflects the complexity of thought and moment. The successive layers are like strata of an ever-evolving reflection, inviting viewers to explore beyond the surface to discover the multiple dimensions of each work.

The choice of colours

The choice of colours, often interpreted as an extension of the emotional palette, is a significant part of this artistic approach. These nuances, which reveal my mood and my feelings at the time of creation, cast a distinct light on each canvas. Some canvases radiate a bright naivety and optimism, while others evoke a gentle melancholy, offering a contrasting palette while sharing a common origin. Blue, omnipresent but worked in a variety of ways, embodies both serenity and nostalgia, adding an extra dimension to each composition.