Pensée – Painting on canvas – Abstract art

Painting on canvas – acrylic – 30×30 cm


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Cotton canvas

History of canvas

“Pensée” is an abstract painting on canvas that evokes the artist’s childhood memories. Fascinated by pansies, these flowers of striking contrasts. Her inspiration for this work came from an imaginary walk through a field of flowers. Expressing her abstract vision with the painting knife and linear forms. Shades of mauve dominate the canvas, offering a rich, captivating color palette. The play of colors and contrasts, with touches of purple, yellow and white, create a dynamic, vibrant atmosphere. “Pensée” transports us into an abstract world where shapes unfold in fluid, linear lines. The contours of the flowers blend, merge and transform. Inviting viewers to interpret this imaginary ballad in their own way. The use of the painting knife brings a distinctive texture to the canvas, giving an impression of movement and spontaneity. Each brushstroke reflects the artist’s artistic expression, which seeks to capture the beauty and uniqueness of thoughts. “Pansy” is intimately linked to a twin painting called“Blooming“. The two works share a common inspiration: flowers and their remarkable contrasts. They complement and respond to each other, creating a visual harmony of shapes, colors and emotions. Immerse yourself in the world of “Pensée” and let yourself be carried away by this abstract interpretation of a ballad in a field of flowers. Explore shades of mauve, color schemes and linear shapes that evoke the ephemeral beauty of thoughts. Let your imagination run wild and discover the emotions this unique work of art awakens in you.
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